Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Thoughts with Liz

It's time for another installment of Random Thoughts with Liz, your favorite blog posts where I spew out whatever random stuff is passing through my head. Let's get started. (But be forewarned. I might be just a TAD grouchy tonight. Read at your own risk.)

*I've been hitting the YMCA 4 days/week since the beginning of the year. Actually, I started going 3-4x/week back in November, but admittedly....Thanksgiving & Christmas happened, so I kind of feel like I started over on Jan 1st. A couple of things about that:

1. While the number on the scale goes up & down by about 2-3 lbs on a nearly daily basis (frustrating that it won't go down & stay there), I have seen progress in the exercise department. I can put the treadmill on an incline now & leave it there! I can lift more! I can go longer on cardio & do more reps on weights! So...I know the number on the scale will happen. Someday. Tomorrow would be nice.

2. There is this perky little couple who work out almost every day that I'm there. First off, the time of the morning I go is really reserved for 2 groups of people -- the chubby moms (i.e. ME) who are trying to lose baby weight (even if their babies are turning 10 next month...sniff, sniff) and the elderly. There might be a 3rd group, too....the ones who know how to come in, shut up & do their workout & go home. But this perky couple.... Oh. My. Heavens. I just want to tell them to shut up & go home.

Mr. & Mrs. Perkypants look like they are both trainers for some fancy gym & they're slumming by working out at the Y with us normal folks. They 'challenge' each other the whole time they're there. "Hey, how about you go jump onto & off of that weight bench 400x while I go pound out 3.7 miles on the treadmill in the next 3 minutes? And then we'll do tricep dips for 45 minutes and squats all the way home! Ready, set, go...." Grrrrrrrrr

When that woman is jumping onto & off of the weight bench (feet & knees together, mind you) at 90 mph, all I can think is that if I did that same little move, I'd leave the gym with compound fractures in both ankles. And black eyes from all that jumping.

So please...go home perky folks. At least til 9am. Then you're free to come hang out at my gym. I just can't handle your presence at 7:45 every morning!

*The grand & glorious state of Texas has a bunch of budget (cut) proposals on the table. Larry's been told to expect a 10-15% paycut ....and the loss of a stipend that is part of the income we count on ....and a reduction in travel benefits (also something we count on). Oh, and did I mention that education is due to take some cuts as well? Like...the elimination of a lot of non-teaching positions? I have a "non-teaching" position. Sigh.

We're living within our means right now. Who thought it was a grand idea to go & cut our means?

Hello, Dave Ramsey? Money tree farmers? Paid online surveys? Ugh.

Being a grown up stinks sometimes.

On a positive note.......

*The kids got their report cards this past week. Everyone's getting good grades (all As & Bs).

*No one is sick.

*I have plenty of food in my pantry & fridge to feed my family.

*We have a roof over our heads.

*I have a ton of really amazing friends.

*I watched a bunch of Anita Renfroe videos tonight. I love to laugh. Thus, the funny cartoon I'm sharing below.

Have a great rest-of-the-week folks!


Kelly England said...

Way to go on the excercise! It will pay off! Even though it is EXTREMELY frustrating to NOT see results immediately LOL doing it slowly will pay off way better in the long run- at least that is what I keep telling myself! LOL!! I just keep telling myself that "muscle weighs more than fat" :-) I am right with you on the strange gym people :-) I have noticed some VERY strange/funny people after 5:00 when I go the gym.

Candice said...

Hee hee! You made me laugh with your description of the perky couple at the gym. They do sound a bit obnoxious.