Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Clowns!

In the past, my kids have tried various circus acts....clowning, trapeze artistry (flying off our swings on their bellies---not always intentional), tightrope walking (jumping around on my last nerve), even lion taming (when I send them in to wake up their dad in the early morning hours when I've forgotten that he took the day off & wants to sleep late). But today really takes the cake.

Samuel was sent to his room to make his bed & straighten up the room. Sarah came into the kitchen moments later & whispered for me to come look in Samuel's room. This is what I found.

Oh yes. My son had stripped one mattress & balanced it between the two beds in his room to test & see whether or not he could jump on it & have it hold him up. WHO KNOWS what gets into his brain.

It only took one jump from him before the girls got in on the action.

And it was pure luck that got this shot. Savannah thought it was hilarious too---those are her legs.

Of course, he had to attempt a cannonball. Check out that (blurry) form!

After the cannonball, the Circus Announcer (me) called an end to this act & demanded that the little clown get back to work.

(NOTE: No injuries broken konked heads. Whew!!)

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