Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh yeah. I've got it bad.

Spring Fever, that is.

March 7-11 was Spring Break for us. We go back to school on Monday after having a week off. And you know what? It was such a I can't wait for summer!!!

I didn't even realize that I was getting to that point in the year yet. You know what time I'm talking about. The point where you start counting out days til summer on your calendar. The point where you start thinking of what you're going to spend the summer doing. The point where you start dreaming of the kids running through the sprinkler & popsicles melting & running down your elbows. The point where sidewalk chalk looks enticing and the smell of freshly mowed grass makes you smile.

This week was full. Very, very full. Every single day I was out of bed by 7:30 or 8:00 at the very latest with a long list of errands & things to do around the house. I ran til midnight or later most days & then crashed when I hit the pillow again. But you know what? Even though I spent a hundred hours in the car running around getting things done, I did a lot of other things too.

I ate cupcakes from a local gourmet cupcake store. For the heck of it. Because we happened to drive by. (and they were fabulous!)

I layed across my bed & read from a new book in the middle of the day.

I watched a movie with the kids.

I sat & admired the sunshine coming in through the blinds & casting an afternoon shadow on my bedroom wall.

I ate junk food & drank soda nearly every day. (Ok, so maybe this one wasn't something to be proud of. I'll definitely have to do better on this one during the summer!)

I drove past the snow cone stand & checked to see if there was a sign up telling when it will open for the summer!

I changed my blog background because it reminds me of summer.

I talked with my neighbors in the front yard & stood in the street barefoot to watch my kids ride their bikes up & down the street.

I will be honest. I'm not the least bit thrilled about having to change my clock tomorrow night before I go to bed & lose an hour of sleep, but I know that once I do, summer is right around the corner & soon enough I'll be enjoying my days at home again with my kids. I was a stay at home mom for nearly a decade before I went back to work & I guess I will always be a stay at home at heart. The perk of my job is that beginning this summer, I'll actually get paid to stay home & hang out with my kids! And boy oh boy am I looking forward to it!

Summertime here we come!!! See you soon!

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Rachel said...

I love your new back ground! Very nice.