Saturday, February 18, 2012

3rd week of February 2012

Whew...what a week!

On Monday, we got some wild & crazy news that shook us up a little bit. I can't go into details here, but it's been our minds a lot this week. (Don't worry---no one is sick, losing their job, having an affair, etc., just have to keep it confidential.) It has been a big topic of conversation around the house this week, between Larry & I.

On Tuesday, Sarah's class had their Valentine's Day party. Since I am the room mom, I was there to have fun with the kids. They had a cookie decorating party. Lots of icing & sprinkles piled high on their sugar cookies! Many giggles & lots of sheepish grins from 10-11 year old boys & girls as they opened their valentines and pondered the mystery of boyfriends & girlfriends when they still want to believe that the opposite sex has cooties. I was half way through the day before it hit me. This would be my final elementary Valentine's Day party. Time to really turn on the focus & take off the blinders, mama. Soak it up & enjoy it. Hard to believe this season of my life is almost over. This summer, Sarah will join the older two in our church's youth group. Good grief. I swear, folks, don't blink. It goes by too fast.

And if I wasn't already feeling enough mama-sap, Sarah turned 11 on Wednesday. Eleven! She took cupcakes to school (which she cooked & iced completely by herself) to share with her class. She's so grown up! This sweet girl blows me away every day. She is so mature & independent, but I love that she still snuggles with me on the couch when we're watching TV and finds comfort in laying on my side of my bed some nights when she just wants to lay down for a few minutes before bedtime---and she nearly always dozes off in those few minutes. And I love, love, love that she still has a pink blankie she won't travel without. It sleeps with her every night in her bed. She's right on the brink of those crazy adolescent years. I can hardly believe that in 2 years, I will have three teenagers at the same time. Good golly, wasn't I just reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting" & researching the Bradley method? (Yes folks, I am one of those crazy natural birth mamas.) Wasn't I just potty training and tying shoes and walking Kindergarteners in for the first day? Geez...maybe I ought to start filling out nursing home applications. After all, I'm gonna blink & it'll be time for me to head there! Soak up the present, folks. Life speeds by at warp speed.

Last night, Sarah's longtime best friend came & spent the night. I had planned to take the girls to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza & games, but then Savannah offered something else to do afterward! She had a gift card to Bath & Body Works that she had a small balance on. (and some cash to go with it) She wanted to take both girls to the mall & visit that store to buy them something! What a sweet big sister!! (I swear, I've got the best girls in the world! And Samuel's pretty sweet, too!!) When we left B&BW, we went to Claire's where Sarah & her buddy picked out a Best Friends necklace that we bought. They are each wearing 1/2 of the necklace now. I remember buying those necklaces with my BFFs when I was a little girl. What sweet memories! We grabbed some Dippin' Dots ice cream on the way out of the mall & headed home. The girls got out their Littlest Pet Shoppe animals & played until about 10:30 last night when I told them it was time to head to bed. They layed down to watch a movie & both crashed before midnight.

Yesterday afternoon, Larry & Samuel left on a Scout camping trip. It rained all night last night & most of the day today. At 7:40am this morning, I got the following text from Larry:

Wet. Tent leaked. Poncho is torn. Sam left his at home. Scouting is fun!

Ha ha!!! Poor guy. I'm sure this is a camping trip he won't soon forget --- especially since he plans to sleep in his truck tonight (to stay dry). {Note: I just texted with him. Both he & Samuel are in the truck tonight. Samuel's tent was fine, but he just wanted to be with his Dad. Sure made my heart melt to hear that. I love that kid!}

What a week it's been.

As a sweet little ending to our wild & crazy week, we received an anonymous gift certificate in the mail today that we can use for a date night next week! I love how God reveals His gentle, tender, loving nature through the people in our lives. Thank you, friend, whomever you are. What a blessing!

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