Friday, February 3, 2012

The Worship Junkie Speaks....

I jokingly referred to myself as a "worship junkie" a while back. I think it fits. Give me a worship service ANY DAY, ANY TIME. I love the music part of the service where I can soak up a special part of my relationship with Jesus that nothing else in life seems to nurture in quite the same way. Reading the word & spending time in prayer & Bible study is awesome, too, but worship/music reaches a different part of me that nothing else does.

Last Sunday at church, we did a song during the worship service that has resonated with me ever since. It wasn't the first time we have done this song, but it was the first time I really 'heard' one of the lines.

That line says something like "Every step, we're breathing in your grace. Every step, we're breathing out your praise."

Seriously, it knocked my socks off. It was one of those moments when I feverishly grabbed my purse, retrieved a pen & scribbled that line on the back of my bulletin. I COULD NOT let those words go unwritten. I needed to write them so that I'd remember them later. Sometimes it's that way with a particular quote or Scripture during the sermon. But that day, it was that line. I wanted it drilled into my mind, so I wrote it. The concept of breathing in grace with every step and in turn breathing out praise --- gratitude for that grace! --- oh my soul.

The chorus of this song leaves me with my hands in the air, eyes closed & a most thankful attitude of praise for a God I can never, ever repay no matter how long I spend praising Him. But when I 'heard' the line about breathing in grace & then in turn breathing our praise, well.... wow. I was shaken & moved.

I realize that it may just be me who was so affected by the lyrics. Often what we hear in a time of worship are the lyrics that our souls need most. The words that quench the deepest part of our need for God. For whatever reason this week, it was those words that nourished me. I hope you enjoy the song, too. God bless!

This video was taken during the service I was in. You can't see me & my kids because we're off the screen to the right.

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