Saturday, February 4, 2012

Book Review: Inconceivable

I'm a total book addict, always looking for the next book to read. I find myself browsing the biography section of all the time. Biographies are my favorite kind of book! I usually find one that really strikes me, hunt for the cheapest of their used copies & buy it. I usually re-sell all my books on after I read them. (Well, not ALL my books, but a number of them do exit the house via!)

A few weeks ago, I found this one.

Inconceivable is the story of Sean & Carolyn Savage. You may have heard about them in the news in the past few years. When I mentioned reading the book to a few friends, several of them said they'd heard of them. I had not. Or at least I don't remember hearing their story in the news.

Their story is a roller coaster. After years of infertility troubles & numerous miscarriages, they attempt InVitro Fertilization. After one successful pregnancy & birth, they decided to transfer a few more of their frozen embryos and returned to the fertility clinic, anxious to get pregnant again! After taking a pregnancy test to confirm that Carolyn is pregnant, they get the devastating news that the clinic made a horrible mistake. Carolyn is pregnant with someone else's child!

Sean & Carolyn struggle emotionally & physically through 7 1/2 months of a pregnancy that takes them from the heights of joy to the depths of depression, ultimately giving birth to a healthy baby boy who they hand over to the genetic parents minutes after the birth. What a gift! What a trial to live through! What amazing people! Their story is emotional, inspiring and simply wonderful! I highly recommend this book.

I realized, after reading a little information about the news that surrounded their case when it occured, that the other couple (the baby's actual parents) have also written a book telling their side of the story. It is called 'Misconception'. You better believe it's on the way from Amazon now! I found a copy for .01!!! Gotta love cheap, used books!

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Jenny said...

I think adoption is so much of a better answer for infertility than spending thousands of dollars trying to conceive! Adoption is a win/win for the parents and the child that needs a home.