Friday, April 25, 2008

Chuckwagon & Band competition

For the past week at work, my class has been learning about Texas.  We've made bluebonnets from blue-dyed popcorn, colored the Texas flag, made "fancy" cowboy hats and boots, tasted Pecans (the state tree) and lots of other fun things.  Thursday and today, the whole school celebrated our "Texas" week by having Chuckwagon days.  For this event, a local ranch/farm brings all sorts of animals to the school.  There are horses to paint, ducks & chickens to look at, a giant turkey that the kids enjoy teasing to make it gobble loudly, a sweet little baby calf, a pony to ride, goats & baby goats, bunnies, a black name it, it's there.  We also had games set up---Texas sized bubbles to blow, horseshoe toss, stick horse races and a "cow" to milk.  The kids also get to have a picnic outside with hotdogs & treats.  The school goes all out on this & the kids love it!  While I can't post pics of the kids in my class, I can post pictures where there might be a random kid walking through the picture....or pics of my class from the back.  I would not want to endanger the safety of my kids by having their faces showing, so I'm going to share selectively.  These are a few of the pics I took yesterday & today.

Here are the animals.

And some of the, the kids were panning for gold:

And milking the "cow":

Today, Savannah's 6th grade band group went to their very first competition.  They went to a place in the Dallas area called Sandy Lake.  It's an amusement park.  After the competition, they were allowed to spend the day riding the rides & having fun.  Larry went as a chaperone, as did my brother in law (remember, my niece is the same age as Savannah--they're only 23 days apart in age!).  The 4 of them had a ball.  And to make the day even better--they got a First Division rating for their performance!  Way to go, Holloway Band!!!!!!!!

Tonight, Samuel went to a birthday party.  The little boy had a carnival in his backyard.  They did a really good job of making all the booths & games ---no giant expenses!  He had a blast & came home with a "face painting" that some how went all the way down both arms & on his well as his face.  Goober! 

While he was at the party & Savannah and Larry were on the band trip, Sarah & I had a mom and me date.  It was fun to have some one on one time with her.  We went to Target & had a very fancy dinner in the little cafe there.  I think I spent $4.33 on our meal.  :)  Then we moved into the store where we printed out a baby registry for a lady at church & selected her gift.  Afterward, Sarah wanted to spend some of her money she's saved.  She found a cute little toy laptop computer.  She actually picked out this very toy on the Walmart website not too long ago, but then changed her mind.  It's really too "young" for her, but she has played with it ever since we left the store.  This is it:  When we left, we pulled through the Braum's drive through & picked up a couple of cones.  Yeah...we live life on the edge.  :)

Tomorrow morning, Larry & Samuel will leave on their first Cub Scout campout and the girls and I will go to the church for the Pinewood Derby race.  Why, you ask?  Because they're racing their very own pink & purple cars.  Girl Power!!!!!  :)




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