Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sweet Father/Son moments

You know, I love having a son.  One of the coolest things is being able to see things through the eyes of a little boy.  The curiosity & excitement, inquisitiveness & energy.  It's a special thing to have a little boy in your home.  Larry loves it, too.  It gives him someone to talk about body functions & noises with.  Someone to build things with and laugh about "boy stuff" with.  Someone who likes to watch boxing matches & fishing shows with.  I love being the mom to a boy.

Tonight they had one of those nice father/son moments.  Now I have to tell ya... my husband can do things at bedtime that I don't usually do.  By bedtime, I'm pretty tired & you'll typically find me kissing & hugging and telling them goodnight, but if they need much more than that from me, I get irritated because I'm ready to go relax a while & pass out myself.  I'm pretty much a "shut up & go to bed & get quiet" kind of girl.  Larry on the other hand, will sit down & launch into silly stories using the stuffed animals on their bed as characters in the plot.  The kids love it.  Tonight's storytime with Samuel was particularly....unique.

I came into the room & stood at the doorway for a while, relishing in the sweet moment they were sharing.  Neither of them knew I was there, so I just stood to listen.  Larry was using the big stuffed mouse on Samuel's bed as a character tonight & the story went something like this:

"You see, Supermouse only became super when he ate the super cheese.  He found the super cheese & it made him grow really big.  So Supermouse was living in the house with these people & when he got big, he decided to take over the house.  He chewed holes through walls (loud chewing noises), he jumped on their furniture & broke it (crashing sound effects).  He climbed into their fridge & took all the food (munching sounds).  The people moved out of the house because they were afraid of the Supermouse.  Supermouse took over everything & lived there so long they started delivering mail to him.  He was a giant mouse & all the other mice in the neighborhood liked coming to hang out at his house.  And then one day, Supermouse realized he was so big because he hadn't pooped in 3 years.  So he went to the potty & had a big Superpoop (loud body noise sound effects here) & after that, he went back to being a regular sized mouse.  The end."

The hysterical laughter coming from Samuel's bed told me he delighted in the lovely, cultural, sweet storytelling abilities of his father, but I was a little grossed out.  I asked Larry if this was the only story he'd told tonight.  Samuel laughed & told me that it wasn't.  Larry agreed & said that he'd told the story of 2 rabbits (stuffed ones on the bed) who converged in a wood.  One took the wide path, but the other took the one less travelled & that made all the difference.  (groan)  And he also told Samuel the story of the dog (another stuffed animal) who didn't invest wisely in a 401K plan and suffered in mounds of debt until his death.

Ah, yes........I can always trust my children's bedtime stories to my husband.  (can you hear me laughing from there?)

As Larry & I left the room giggling, Samuel hollered out to me "Hey mama....don't let the big bugs bike."

Umm....yes, dear.  I'll watch out for the big bugs.

(& people wonder where Samuel gets his wacky sense of humor..........)


mereel2005 said...

What a lovely entry. I can feel the love and hear the laugher coming from the bedroom.

darcyfras said...

Oh my gosh, I am the exact same way at bedtime. Kiss, hug, goodnight, see ya in th emorning, love you and I'm out the door! I get easily irritated when just one more thing is asked of me at bedtime, I'm tired, I need to sit, I need to veg. Steven is sooo the opposite, he's also not been with then and dealt with them all day long either. LOL.