Monday, April 14, 2008

random thoughts

On Friday night, Savannah had my niece over to spend the night.  They had a great time staying up late & talking, watching movies & hanging out.  On Saturday, Larry decided to take them to Putt-Putt.  I stayed home to work on purging the kids' closets of winter clothes.  See, the truth is...about 2 weeks ago, we brought in the boxes of spring/summer clothes & got them all out to go into the kids' rooms.  I spent an entire day with all the kids trying on clothes, seeing what fits & what doesn't.  Tossing things that they don't like or things that aren't in style or whatever.  And then the weather turned cool on us again, so the clothes just sat.  In my bedroom floor.  They don't have enough hangers or room in their closets for both fall/winter & spring/summer clothes, and if they got taken to their rooms they would just lay in the floor & get tromped on....and so they sat.  I'm not sure what the brilliance was in my plan b/c they just sat on my floor getting stomped on.  Oh well.  Anyway, on Saturday, I finally bit the bullet & moved them to the kids' rooms.  I went through their closets & pulled out all the "deep winter" stuff---turtlenecks, thick coats, big sweatshirts, that sort of thing.  I left them a few long sleeved shirts & a couple little jackets, but took everything else out.  And of course no sooner than I did that, it was cool again today.  Ugh...Murphy's Law I guess.  Oh well...they can wear short sleeves w/ a jacket.

After they got home from Putt-Putt yesterday, my niece went home, Samuel went to a friend's house for a swim party (yes, it's warm enough to swim yesterday and cool enough for a jacket today...this is Texas after all).  The rest of us rested for a while & then took Sarah to a party at Jumpin' Jacks Party Shack after picking Samuel up.  He got a little sunburned, poor kiddo...and was feeling kinda rough today from it, but all in all he had a good time.

Ok, now for my weird day today.  Back in January, I started having this weird thing in the mornings...nausea almost daily.  We joked about me being pregnant (which I might add is not funny at all-ha ha!), but when that little joke was determined false, I wondered why I was feeling queasy in the mornings.  I had eaten oatmeal every day for a while (after a long time of NOT eating oatmeal) so I wondered if it was the oatmeal--of course I wasn't sure why that would bother me, but it was the only "new" thing I could think of.  I quit eating oatmeal & it seemed to pass.  Early in February, I had a morning where I got sick to my stomach after eating eggs for breakfast & I wondered if the eggs were bad.  I never figured that one out and I was fine afterwards, so I blew it off again.  In the past few weeks, though, it's happening again.  Very often after breakfast I feel nauseated.  A few weeks ago, I got a gallon of orange juice at the grocery store & it hit me by mid-week that on the days I drank orange juice (instead of my usual beloved milk with breakfast) I didn't feel queasy.  Hmm.... when the OJ ran out, I didn't get more right away & the queasy mornings returned.  This morning it struck again--after pancakes & milk, I had to go running to the bathroom to lose my breakfast (sorry...TMI).  I was tired anyway, so I called Larry & told him that the kids and I were staying home from church.  I crawled back into bed & slept til noon.  By the time I woke up, I felt better and the kids had enjoyed a nice morning of movies & games.  Somehow, my being sickly always brings out the best in them---sweet behavior, good manners, treating each other so kindly....Hmm, maybe I should get sick more often.  (ha ha)  Larry came home from church & we took our usual Sunday afternoon nap (another couple of hours).  By the time I got up from that, I figured out that I'd slept roughly 6 hours today.  I think I've got the morning nausea pinned down to drinking milk in the mornings, so tomorrow I'm going to have OJ again & see if that fixes the problem.  I have no idea why milk would be the issue, but it seems to be the only constant in the mornings that I'm feeling queasy.  One way or the other, I may be up late tonight (it's already nearly midnight) after sleeping so much today.

Tomorrow, Monday April 14, my oldest nephew will turn 21.  Sure I was only 11 when he was born, but really...21?  I'm getting old.  After all, I was just 21 myself yesterday, right?  Happy Birthday Cory.  I love you.  You'll always be my "first baby".  It's hard to believe that you're a grown man now.  Don't blink.  Before ya know it, you'll be old, too.  (grin)

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