Monday, April 28, 2008

Poor baby Sarah!

Tonight the girls were in the backyard for a few minutes by themselves, swinging on the swingset.  Savannah came running to the door shrieking that Sarah had done a flip on the side bars of the swing set & fell off and hit her back "really hard" on a nearby chair.  We went running out to see what was wrong & found her sitting in the chair crying.  Sarah is really sensitive anyway, so even minor boo-boos illicit lots of tears from her.  She's not trying to get attention, it's just how she deals with things.  Anyway, we got her to stand up & move around a little, but she was hurting pretty bad.  Larry did several tests (from back in his Paramedic days) to see if she'd punctured a lung (broken rib).  She was breathing well & seemed to pass all the tests, but she very well may have broken a rib.  It hurts when she raises up her right arm, too.  Poor kiddo.  ouchie!!  Check out the bruise on her back.  It's actually a little darker than this looks---my flash washed it out a little.


mamafaye2 said...

  I'm just thankful this wasn't her face.  I always think about teeth.  

alyssalore said...

Aw, poor baby girl! :( I hope she doesn't have a broken rib!