Saturday, April 5, 2008

pictures from today

I keep hearing the kids talk about their "clubhouses" in the backyard.  They're forever "building" a new fort/clubhouse, so it's funny to go out now and then & find their creations.  Today I checked out Samuel's.  This is what I found.  It's behind the storage shed.  From one end of the shed, this is what you can see:

See the chair back there?

And from the other end of the shed:

ha ha!  He has the chair, a skateboard & helmet, 2 baseballs & a bat back there.  And on the back of the shed, there is a sign he made that says "Forist Men clubhouse".  I just love their imaginations!

I also got some pics of King while I was out in the yard.  Who could resist this sweet face?

This is the same child who ran screaming from every dog 6 weeks ago.  King has reallyyyyyyyy helped with her doggie fear.  She's still not thrilled about little jumpy dogs (to tell ya the truth, I'm not a big fan of them myself) but she's doing sooo much better.  She LOVES King & enjoys helping take care of him.  (well...except when it's her turn to clean up after him, if ya know what I mean)

Isn't this beautiful?

See that pretty starburst shape from the sun coming through the branches?  And some people don't believe in God.  I'm not sure how....just look around at the beauty of His creation!

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