Monday, September 27, 2010

For you, Tara --- part 3

Continuing in my posts for Tara.....

Tonight's question: What family habits have you developed for devotions for your kids and as a couple and as a family?

Well, girl, I wish I could confidently proclaim how well we've done in this area. But I can't.
Over the years, we've tried various methods of devotions for the family, but nothing has ever 'stuck'. We tend to focus less on having a particular time devoted to sitting & reading & talking things out (like a family church service at home) and more on living it day in & day out. We try to take conversations as they naturally happen & turn them into teachable moments.That's certainly not to say that we have somehow 'arrived' because Heaven knows we have NOT. But, we learned a long time ago that having a regimented way of doing something might or might not work where kids are involved. Sometimes it's just easier to wing it. (or at least it is for us) I read other blogs & have read a hundred books on the topic over the years and it all sounds like such great stuff....but we've just never been able to put it all into practice.

We do have some holiday traditions that include family devotions & living out God's love for others. And I'd be glad to share those things but will probably just wait til the holiday season this year & share as we go. (But email me if you want to hear about it sooner.)

However, with all that in mind, I can tell you of a few awesome books that I would totally recommend to at least point you in the right direction. We take bits & pieces of them all & use them regularly.

First is Parenting with Scripture. It is a topical guide for those teachable moments where you can slip in some Scripture & focus their hearts on Jesus.

Second is my "parenting Bible". I totally think all Christian parents should be required to read this one. It is Lisa Whelchel's Creative Correction.

Another one I like is similar to the first one. It's called 31 Days of Prayer for My Child.

I also loved Together at Home. It's no longer in print, but if you click on the title, it'll take you to Amazon where there are used copies going for as little as 1 cent. It's a great book of hundreds of ideas for family nights with a faith-focus. And I believe there was a sequel to the book called More Together at Home or something along those lines. (I haven't read it.)

As far as parenting books that I think are invaluable to Christian parenting, I'd highly recommend Shepherding a Child's Heart and A Mother's Heart.

I hope this has helped!

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Tara and Ryan said...

You are an AMAZING person Liz! Thank you for all your idea's and most of all for being someone I can trust and look up to for guidence.