Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I can almost taste it.

Today is Larry's birthday. For the first few years we were married, I remember him telling me annually how he had always loved having a September birthday. It reminded him, as a kid, that Fall was upon us. He loved pulling his flannel plaid shirts out to wear and feeling the cooler air outside. Somewhere along the way in those first few newlywed years, I caught the 'fever' from him. And now, every year, I anticipate his birthday coming not just because it's a special day for him, but because passing through mid-September means that Fall is on the way!

I love Fall! I love the holiday season. I love pumpkin and cinnamon candles. I love the smell of people burning leaves. I love the scent of fireplaces burning for the first time of the season (ok, so that's wayyyyyyyy later in the Fall!). I love going through the kids' off-season clothes & pulling out the long sleeved stuff & packing away summery clothes for the winter. I love the feel of those cold-weather fabrics on my skin. I love gearing up for Thanksgiving & Christmas. (and oh, by the birthday which is in November!)

And so, it's here. Today was Larry's birthday. That means that the first day of Fall is just about a week away. It's nearly here! I can almost taste it!!!!


Lauree said...

I love Fall. great post girl!

Candice said...

Happy Birthday, Larry! And, I LOVE fall, too! It's my favorite season by far...