Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sun Oct 31

Tonight, I am thankful for hunting. I know, it's an odd thing to be thankful for, but living in a house where I rarely have to buy meat because my freezer stays stocked all the time, it's a blessing! Tonight, my sweet boy went hunting with Larry and got his first deer! He was SO excited! Poor kid was on such an adrenaline high that when it finally dropped, he threw up. I'm only going to share one picture with you because I don't know how squeamish everyone is. Here's my sweet little man with his deer, a young buck. I'll post pictures tomorrow of our Halloween fun, but tonight, we're all glowing with him. He's so proud!

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Lauree said...

Okay, so I'm going to say yea for him!!! but I can't look at the picture again. haha. I like when Jeff stocks our freezer but I don't want to see the pictures. lol