Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thurs Oct 28

Today I'm thankful for my son. I'm thankful for him all the time, but today he's my focus for the purpose of this blog.

Samuel has always been the source of lots of laughter at our house. He's always been a HILARIOUS kid without even trying. I could tell you story after story of silly things he's done over the years, but would explode if I tried to type them all. Sometimes it's pure comedy. Sometimes it's just general gross boy-ness that cracks me up. Sometimes it's the shock factor of whatever he says or does that makes my sides hurt from laughing. Today's funny Samuel story came from the car ride home after school.

Samuel: Hey mom, guess what?
Me: What?
Samuel: Gage owes me $2 & Trent owes me $1. (not their actual names)
Me: Really? Why do they owe you money?
Samuel: Because I licked the rock on the ground at recess.
Me: WHAT????? Samuel that's so gross! You really shouldn't take bets like that! They were just trying to get you to do something disgusting. That was really mean of them!
Samuel: Oh no, it wasn't that kind of bet. I TOLD THEM I'd lick the rock if they'd pay me $1-2. They agreed, so I did it.
Me: Oh dear.

Yes, my goofy child actually approached other children, offered to pick up a filthy rock & lick it.

Sigh....sometimes I have to roll my eyes & thank God for giving me a little boy so I can see how the other side lives. Other times I have to thank God that he's still alive. I'm kind of amazed that he's made it to (nearly) 11 years old with no broken bones, no stitches and no major viral or bacterial infections from licking rocks, picking up snakes, squeezing bugs and otherwise being a b-o-y!

I love you, you gross little creature. You make me smile every day. I can't imagine NOT having a little boy in my house. Thank you for being the precious, funny person you are!

A random mix of sweet Samuel pictures for your enjoyment!

Samuel's baptism (by Larry) -- January 08
Samuel--about 3yr old
at a birthday party when he was in 1st grade
tee hee....a blackmail picture! (approx 5 yr old)
first day of Kindergarten
Summer 2010--swaps day at Scout day camp
Summer 2010 at the rodeo
Summer 2010 -- making pizza
Summer 2010 with his buddy who came into town & surprised him!
Summer 2010 at Keep Texas Beautiful conference where he received an award.
6 or 7 years old, attempting to blow Savannah's french horn
Helping mama with the laundry (& Sarah was ready to "help" him into the washing machine!)
See? Alllllllll boy.
Handsome little devil! (about 7yr old)
Christmas 2008

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