Thursday, October 7, 2010

I want to be a hound dog!

This morning after I took the kids to school, I came home to find our sweet dog, Daisy, sitting at the fence watching for my return. She does it every single day and it always makes me melt into a big puddle of sweetness. I realize she's a dog, but having someone running to greet you, dancing around, giddy to see you....well, there's just something special about that.

You have to understand that we're on a corner lot. The street is on one side of our house & the driveway is on the opposite end. So when Daisy sees me at the stop sign, turning onto our street, she has to run to the other end of the house to greet me at the gate when I pull into the driveway. And she does, every time.

As I saw her running around the house to greet me this morning, I couldn't help but well up with the vision of how God must feel when He sees us worshipping Him. I mean, if a DOG can make me feel pretty special just because she runs to greet me when I pull into the driveway, how much pride must God feel when one of His saints comes running to Him?! Scripture tells us that He shows up when we praise Him, that He holds our prayers in bowls & that they are a fragrance in Heaven, that He sings over us. How beautiful a sight it must be to see believers running to Him, lifting their hands in praise, becoming completely engrossed in worshipping Him, bowing down to honor Him. How beautiful it must be for Him to hear a little child's prayers, to hear an elementary student bring Him honor.

If my basset hound can make my heart flutter, I can only imagine the way I must make Him feel.

And I don't know why I'm including this particular song....but it was on my heart this morning, so enjoy! (scroll down & pause the music at the bottom)

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