Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tues Oct 26

Tonight, I'm grateful for my kids' schools. Please don't misunderstand. I'm not meaning that in an anti-homeschool or 'get my kids out of my hair' sort of way. I love being around my kids & hanging out with them. But I really am proud of my kids' schools. I won't post any school names or info about our specific school district on here for safety sake, but rest assured, I am pleased with them!

When Savannah was 4, I bought Pre-K homeschool curriculum to teach her. My older sister homeschools her kids, so I thought maybe I should at least consider it for our kids. I look back on that now & laugh. You see, Savannah & I butted heads the whole time. We were definitely NOT cut out to be a homeschooling mom/child. (I laugh because I later went on to teach preschool for 5 years and LOVED it.....I don't know why it didn't work for me & my own child!) Anyway, as soon as I realized that homeschooling her was NOT going to work, I panicked. We were living, at that time, in a neighboring town where the schools are not so great. Larry was a police officer in the town for 3 years and heard all sorts of horror stories about the school system there. I was NOT going to put my baby girl in that school, but we couldn't afford to send her to a private school. We started looking for a rent house in one of 2 neighboring towns & ended up landing in the town we live in now. It's the same town where I grew up & went to the schools here K-12. It was pretty sweet to think of my own baby girl going to the same campuses where I went to school 30 years ago!

And so, since 2001, we've had at least one child in this school district. With the exception of 1 or 2 teachers, we've been incredibly happy with every person we've come into contact with at every campus.

We recognize that we're incredibly lucky and so very blessed to live in this particular town with these particular schools & these particular teachers. Not everyone is so lucky! If we lived just a few miles north of here or a few miles south, we wouldn't be in such a great school system!

So tonight I'm thankful for our awesome schools in our sweet little small Texas town. {and I'm equally blessed & grateful to work for this same school district!}

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