Saturday, May 28, 2011


Ok, I know that pride isn't a pretty thing. But sometimes I think it's the right response to something amazing. There are 2 'something amazings' going on right now that I'm proud of & I have to share before I burst!

1st--Tomorrow morning a group from our little town are hopping in a caravan of cars with a bunch of near-strangers to make a long drive to Joplin, Missouri. They will deliver tons of supplies, share a meal with the people and then turn around & drive back home sometime late Monday. They're leaving at 5:00am tomorrow. I was sooo very privileged to go pray with the group tonight as they loaded the third enormous trailer full of supplies that the community has provided. One of my best friends is making the trip with her husband & 14 yr old son. I am so very proud of them and of our small town community for providing SO MUCH to share with people who have lost everything!

Seriously folks, this is a thing of beauty! This is the 1st trailer. I took this pic earlier today.

Obviously, that trailer was way over-full, so they brought in another trailer. And then another one. This was the last trailer, finally packed late tonight.

Please keep this group of people in your prayers over the next 48 hours. Lots of hearts will the touched, needs will be met, and lives will be changed. (and that's just the ones going on the trip!)

2nd--Tomorrow morning, our high school band leaves for another state. They'll be gone for nearly a week. They will board charter buses & set out on a 19+ hour journey to a major theme park halfway across the country from home. Savannah is going on the trip. Of course, I'm nervous. Nervous that we remembered to pack everything. Nervous that she will have trouble with her anxiety while she's gone, or that she'll have a migraine. Nervous that she'll get sick or have a fight with a friend. You know...all the usual mommy worries. I *know* she'll be fine. I *know* that she will make memories that will last a LIFETIME. I mean come on......nearly a week in the happiest place on earth....the opportunity to lead the parade down the main avenue of the park while they're there. What teenager wouldn't want to do that? I fully expect a week chock full of text messages & giggle-filled phone calls. The kids and their families have been saving & making payments on this trip for a full year now....and they're about to see that all pay off! I can't wait to see her grin when she comes home.

Please keep this group (and all the chaperones & band directors!) in your prayers as well.

This mama's proud tonight.

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