Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break 2012---day 2

Today was not quite as productive as yesterday.

All three kids had an appointment this morning at the pediatrician's office. Sam & Sarah had annual check ups and Savannah had a lab appointment to check her Vitamin D level. All three kids did fine & got good check ups. After we left, I asked the kids what they'd like for lunch. All three said Applebee's. We fed a friend's cat afterward and then headed home.

Later this afternoon we went to get the key to another friend's house whose kitty we will also feed & babysit for the next few days. We picked up some fruit & stuff at the store & got a movie to watch tonight afterward.

Dinner was a "figure it out yourself" night. The kids always cheer on those nights --- and then eat cereal or a sandwich or whatever they can grab.

I am loving these lazy days!!

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