Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break 2012---days 4 & 5

Oops. I didn't remeber to post the last couple days. Sorry about that.

On Thursday, Larry took Sam to Six Flags for his special birthday trip. I'll blog more about that later, with pictures.

Savannah babysat for a friend in the morning, so Sarah and I took care of the pets we're watching this week and then came home to hang out.

Last night, we visited with my mom and dad to help out with my nieces & nephews who were in town visiting while my sister and brother in law went out to celebrate their anniversary. It was a blast!

The last couple of days, the kids have said we haven't "done anything" for spring break. I suppose they are comparing our time at home, just hanging out and relaxing, to their friends' trips to Disneyworld & Hawaii and all sorts of other fun (and pricey!) places for the break. Since they were convinced that we haven't "done anything", I told them we'd make today special. I wasn't sure HOW I'd pull that off since I obviously couldn't get on a plane with them & go do something BIG.

This morning, we slept later than usual. I cooked them a big breakfast of eggs & bacon. Then we all got ready and went to take care of the pets we're watching for friends this week. When we left the last place I surprised them with a trip to TCBY. I had a coupon that made our sweet treat just under $4!! I can do that!!! Tonight we took dinner to friends and then grabbed Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner (again, with a coupon!!!).

Tonight I was told that I had maybe made up for all the bummer days. ha ha! Good to know that I can buy my kids' love with pizza & frozen yogurt. ha ha!

Tomorrow is Leaf Party Day! (It rained & Larry got called in to work the last time we tried.)

I am sad that Spring Break is nearly over, but I am downright GIDDY about something else. Summer is nearly here!!! The produce section at the grocery store is full of summer fruits & veggies already....the weather is beautiful & warming up to the point of feeling downright summery some days. Things are starting to grow & bloom. And we are down to just about 2 months of school left until summer. It's right around the corner, y'all! WooHoo!!!!

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