Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break 2012---day 3

Today was great!

Before lunchtime today, I went to the gym & got that out of the way.

I came home & showered & got everyone fed lunch.

My mom picked up Samuel & took him (early) birthday shopping. When he wasn't allowed to buy the gigantic foot long knife that he'd like, they came home. While they were gone, the girls & I went to the snowcone stand. I got a red velvet cake with cream. So yummy!

When Sam got home, we went on a pet-feeding run. We're watching some friends' pets over Spring Break while they are out of town.

When we left the last house, we stopped at their neighborhood playground for a few minutes. The kids are really too old (and too big) for playground equipment, but it's fun once in a while. Fortunately, this playground has a pretty little stream that runs through it. I think they kids were much more excited about that.

Larry got off work & came to the playground to meet us and we decided that we wanted pizza for supper. We drove to a local pizza buffet & all got seated to start eating before we found ants crawling around in Larry's pizza! Yikes. No thanks, we're done. We got a refund and went elsewhere. We ended up sitting in the local KFC & playing a silly game that we play when we go out to eat. You take the napkins or a piece of paper & one person at the table starts a story with 1 sentence. After writing their sentence, they fold the paper over (to cover up their sentence) & pass the paper to the next person. That person adds a sentence (without knowing what the first person wrote) and passes it to the next person. It goes all the way around the table until it makes it back to the story starter. He/she unfolds the paper & reads the story to the table at that point. Our stories usually always end up having some gross part to them because well....we have 2 boys at the table. But it's hilarious to see how their pooping, burping, farting and scratching works its way into the story each time. ha ha!

What a great day!

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