Sunday, March 18, 2012

To my email subscribers

For those of you who get my blog posts by email, this post is for you. I need you to do me a favor. Read on & I'll explain.

When I created this blog, I added the feedburner "gadget" on the right side of the page where you signed up with your email address. This allows you to be emailed every time I post something. It is a very useful tool that prevents you from having to come back & look at the site every day to see if I've posted or not. However, here's where things get tricky.

The email you get showing my new post is connected to the gmail account I had to create to have this blogspot website. I don't use that email address. At all. It is only once in a blue moon that I think about it & go check it. It is usually not any more often than once every few months. Inevitably every time I do, I find tons of emails from you, the readers of this blog. I try to always reply to those emails & let you know my correct email address, but I'm afraid that I may miss one of you from time to time.

Here's where that favor comes in.

When you get those feedburner emails of each new post, replying to comment is fine. (In fact, I LOVEEEEEEEEE getting comments by email or here on the blog site!!) But here's the trick. Please save my (correct) email address to your address book. When replying to those emails, change the address where the email is sent so that it comes to my correct email address. That way I'll actually SEE your reply & it won't sit in my Gmail inbox for months with you wondering why I haven't responded to your question or comment.

My email address is:

If you forget to write it down or copy it to your address book now, it's always on the blog site at the top right on a graphic that says "Email me".

Thank you a million bazillion!

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