Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nov 11: Today I am grateful for music.

Today I am grateful for music.

In my childhood, it was Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys, Kenny Rogers, Eddie Rabbitt, Dolly Parton and a million other country musicians that my parents enjoyed.  In my early teens I thought I was way too cool for country music and took a trip down rock & roll boulevard for a short time.  I remember Janet Jackson, New Kids on the Block, Def Leppard, Poison, Paula Abdul & Mariah Carey, among others.  As I reached the end of High School, I returned to country music.  Maybe it's because I had a little bit of a crush on Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. And George Strait and Vince Gill, among others.

In the latter 1990s, I figured out a thing about myself.  Or rather, I re-figured out something I had known for a long time.  That is, like the old saying goes "Garbage in, garbage out."  In other words, I made the choice to be intentional about what I was putting into my head and heart.  I still listen to country or rock (my favorites are now considered 'oldies'!) but my choice of music 95% of the time is Contemporary Christian.  That's certainly not to say that if you choose to listen to something else, you're bad or wrong.  It's just that for me, I must fill my head with something positive & God-honoring or I'll see all kinds of crap pour out in my life.

I know many people will say that music moves them, it expresses things they can't find the words for, it perks them up like nothing else can, it improves their mood and is a stress-reliever.

I agree with all of those statements.  But there is something more that I feel about music.

Being a writer, there are things that often I can write better than I can say.  For years, my choice of communication has been text, email, letters, etc.  But I can't write a song to save my life.  I really appreciate those who can!

So today I'm thankful for music and for those who write songs!  Your talent amazes me and is a huge part of my life every single day!  Thank you for sharing your gift.

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