Monday, November 5, 2012

Nov 4 & 5: Today I am grateful for family.

I know it generally goes without saying, but today I am grateful for my family.

I grew up in a loving home, filled with great memories.  My parents are still married today, though I'm sure that over the years there have been times when they really wish they had killed each other.  My two sisters and I are pretty close, even though one of them lives over an hour away.  I have a wonderful collection of 8 nephews and 4 nieces from my side of the family.

On Larry's side of the family, we have his parents and amazing grandmother, who at almost 80 years old is still just as active and full of spunk as she was when I met her 20 years ago!  There are several incredible aunts and uncles, some super fun cousins and a handful of baby second cousins, too!

In my own home, of course, I have my awesome husband (who will get his own post later on!) and 3 great kids who I could not be prouder of!

Truly, I am richly blessed with a terrific family!

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