Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nov. 6-10: Today I am grateful for...


I am running behind on my thankful list!  Time to catch up!

Today, I am grateful for....
November 6: ....freedom to vote, freedom to gripe & fuss if "my guy" didn't get elected (for the record, my guy did not get elected this time).  That's all I'm going to say about that.  I hate politics.

November 7: ...vehicle repairs.  My van has been making a funky noise for a month.  We haven't had enough money to get it fixed, so we've had to listen to it & pray that nothing broke while we waited for payday.  On Tuesday, we took the van in to a local dealership that is largely run by friends of ours from church.  They fixed the van & gave us a discount on the price.  THANK YOU Sean! (and Josh, Chris, Alley, Clark, Rick...and all the others!)

November 8: job.  In a time where so many people are looking for jobs, I am grateful that I have one.  And I am lucky enough to work with people I enjoy hanging out with every day.

November 9: ...facebook.  Seriously, how fun is it to have your birthday on Facebook?

November 10: spirit.  I am blessed to live in a community where school spirit is HIGH.  I've said before that we bleed maroon & white (our school colors).  Last night we had a MAJOR football game that would determine the district title.  Our undefeated football team faced another undefeated football team.  Both teams played HARD until the very last second.  It was tied several times throughout the game & in the last few seconds, the other team scored and won the game.  It was a sad loss.  Seriously, I got misty knowing how bad those boys wanted to win and knowing how disappointed they must've been to lose.  But it was made all better to see that the stands were PACKED with people who love our kids and were there to cheer for them NO MATTER WHAT.  And even better, I loved watched our awesome coach circle up all the boys after the game, have them take a knee, and prayed for them.  It blows me away to know how blessed we are to live here.  Small town southern politics or not...I love living here!

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