Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nov 12-14: Today I am grateful for...

I know, I'm not doing so well at keeping up with this!  I think about it every day, but just don't have tons of time to sit down & type.  Playing catch up again!

Nov 12:  Today I am grateful for my daughter, Savannah.  At 16, she is so much stronger than I was at her age.  I fell prey to peer pressure and boys and selfishness at that age (like so many teens do), but Savannah is strong & has a good head on her shoulders.  So proud of her!

Nov 13:  Today I am grateful for my son, Samuel.  He reminds me of all the sweet things I fell in love with Larry for 20 years ago.  He is so much like his daddy in a million ways.  And for that, I couldn't be more happy.  He's got an awesome dad and if he grows up to be just like him, that will be a good thing!

Nov 14: Today I am grateful for my daughter, Sarah.  She is smart and talented and funny.  She is incredibly responsible and endeavors to never break the rules or hurt anyone (well, except for her brother...ha ha).  Sarah is such a light in my world.  I can't imagine life without her in it.

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