Sunday, July 13, 2014

Do you like to snack?

It looks like my last several lengthy posts have all been catching you up sort of posts.  I promise to do that again soon, but I wanted to encourage you to try something with me.

A few months ago, a girlfriend of mine posted about a website called Graze on facebook.  I was intrigued as she talked about her 1st graze box shipment.  She said she had picked out items from a selection on the site and then they mailed her a box of healthy snacks every other week.  Each box cost her $6 and held a few snacks to try.  I looked at the website at the time & thought it looked interesting.  There were grains and fruits and nuts and "flapjacks" (which look like granola bars to me!) and seeds and popcorns and savory items and dippable snacks, too.  Everything looked yummy!  But at the time I wasn't ready to try it out.

Tonight I decided it was time.

I am so tickled & excited to get my first box next week!  I signed up for a "nibble box".  You can choose from that or a "calorie counter" box.  (Calorie counter boxes exclude the granola bars & a few of the other higher-calorie items.)  Nibble boxes include a little bit of everything.  Since I signed up under my friend's code, I get my first and fifth boxes free.  I'll pay $6 for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th boxes and I can cancel at any point if it's just not really the thing for me.  I thought about it and realized that we spend AT LEAST $6/mo on snacks anyway, so the cost is not that bad.

I'll let you know after I get my first box if it's crazy overpriced or if it's worth it!  But until then, check out the site & see what you think!

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