Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eating Tape & Dryer Sheets....really?

How many of you have stumbled across the odd show on TLC called "My Strange Addiction"? It is like a train wreck. You just have to stop & watch it when you flip through the channels. Or at least I do! I am intrigued by the (very) odd things that people find themselves addicted to.

I've seen one young, pretty girl who was addicted to taxidermy. She carried around large ziploc bags & rubber gloves everywhere she went to pick up & carry home any small dead animals she happened to find. I once watched an episode where the woman interviewed ate dryer sheets, and another where the person ate tape.

I have to wonder how on earth these people initially discovered these things they are addicted to. I mean, really, did you put a dryer sheet to your nose to sniff it one day & accidentally bumped into your lips? And it tasted good? How does one start these obsessive behaviors?

As quick as I would like to judge these people for their seemingly odd behavior, I have to step back & realize that I have plenty of little quirks of my own. Maybe nothing as quirky as picking up dead animals & taking them home to stuff them, but quirky still.

Maybe what looks really WEIRD to me isn't so weird to someone else.  Maybe MY odd behaviors would look like dryer sheets and taxidermy to others.  And I guess I'm okay with that.

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