Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Savannah had a wreck!

Tuesday, July 15th, was supposed to be a pretty average day.  Sam got up early & went to training camp at the school (think athletics boot camp) and then came home to hang out and help his friend (neighbor) who was moving into another house in the 'hood.  Sarah slept until 11:00 (ahhh....summertime) and I was doing my usual things around the house.  Savannah is working at a doctor's office these days, so she had left at 8:00 AM to go to work.  Larry was about 90 miles away for work.

About 1:30, Samuel, Sarah and I left the house to go run some errands.  We stopped at my thirty-one consultant's house first.  Then we left and went to the preschool where I subbed last week to pick up my paycheck.  When we got to the preschool, I left my phone in the car.  I knew I was just running in for a second, so I didn't think it would be an issue.  I was only in the building for 5-10 minutes, but by the time I got back to the car, my phone was blowing up with texts & missed calls.  When I picked it up to check those, it started ringing in my hand.  Larry was frantic.  "Savannah had a wreck & needs you there NOW."  Once we established where she was and that was sounded okay on the phone, I took off.  I was only about 4-5 miles away, but I think I made it there in 30 seconds.  (OK, so maybe a tiny bit longer.)  In those 5 miles, the cars on the road could not get out of my way fast enough!!  {Poor Larry was driving like a bat out of....trying to get to us as fast as possible.  Turns out, he admitted later that he was going 80, pulling a trailer behind his truck.  Once I called & told him I was with her and she was OK he slowed down, but those protective daddy hormones are strong, folks.}

When I arrived at the scene of the wreck, Savannah was standing upright next to her car, a big truck and a police car.  All I needed to see was that she was standing up and I knew she was alright.  No blood, no bones sticking out...nothing else mattered!  I parked the car & told Sam and Sarah to stay in the car and ran to her and hugged her.  The police officer and the other driver's mom watched and grinned.  Obviously, all of us parents understand that moment of relief when you find out your kid is okay after a wreck....that moment of overwhelming panic is resolved in that first hug.

It turns out that she was stopped at a red light & was rear-ended by a 17 yr old boy.  She was in a Pontiac G6.  He was in a Ford Expedition.  Clearly, she lost that fight.  Or rather, the back end of her car did.

After we got home & the adrenaline stopped pulsing through her, she admitted that her right side was pretty sore.  Her neck, shoulder, arm, elbow & fingers even!  Since she works for a group of spine doctors, they're going to check her over today & make sure she's okay!  I feel like she's fine, but will just be sore for a few days.  This is what the back end of her car ended up looking like.

And fortunately it was the car that left on the back of a truck...not my baby in an ambulance!

Feeling very blessed and fortunate today that God protected my baby girl yeserday!

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