Monday, September 7, 2009

Boy, Oh Boy!

Tomorrow is the first day of my new school year. The kids went back to school a couple of weeks ago, but tomorrow is my first day with my new class. At the school where I work, the kids can attend Monday through Friday, Mon/Wed/Fri or Tues/Thurs. In the past couple of years that I've been there, I have always had a mix of the three, a handful of 5 day kids mixed in with a small group of 2 & 3 day kids. This year I have a first. I have 2 entirely separate groups of kids. I'll have 6 in my Mon/Wed/Fri class and 8 in my Tues/Thurs class. Why is that a big deal? It means I will be able to repeat things during the week without any of the kids having to do something twice. It means my lesson planning just got that much easier this year. Hallelujah! I love it!

Our assistant director moved over the summer & a fellow teacher took over her job. That left her classroom open. And the inevitable shuffle of teachers began by mid-summer when those who would be moving, going to work elsewhere, etc began turning in their notice. We have 13 classrooms at my school. Some of the classrooms have 2 teachers (one teaches the MWF class & another teaches the TTH class), but this year, for the first time since I've been there, we have something like 11 five day teachers. I love that! There are lots of new faces (teachers) but lots of familiar ones, too.

In my MWF class, I have 3 kiddos that I had over the summer, so that'll make the MWF class easier to adjust. The rest of the kids will follow the 'lead' of the three who already know me & know the way I run the classroom. The upside to the TTh class is that all but 1 of the kids is a returning student who's been at our school before, so that ought to cut down on the tears and sad kiddos on the first day.

While my nerves are fired up, I know tomorrow is going to be a good one. So here we go......time to start school!

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SandyL said...

Hope you have an awesome first day! :)