Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On call

Larry started his week of being on call Friday evening (9/4). A full WEEK of call is hard, but if you can make it through the week, you're then off call for quite a few weeks. Maybe 7 weeks? I can't remember exactly.

I made a remark Saturday morning about the fact that I was amazed he hadn't received a call yet. Truly, when you're on call in his field it's unusual to go more than 12-18 hours without a call. He looked at me with shock & said "why did you say that?". In other words "you just jinxed me!". And JINX him I did! Let me see if I can sum it up for you.

Saturday 9/5
7:45 pm--call received
1:00 am--returned home

Sunday 9/6
evening sometime (can't remember)--call received, gone for several hours

Monday 9/7
10:30 am-- call received, 3 situations to go take care of
10:30 pm--returned home
11:00 pm-- call received

Tuesday 9/8
4:45 am--returned home
--3 hours of sleep--
9am-5:30pm regular work day at the office
6:30 pm--received call
10:30 pm--returned home
11:15 pm--received call, begged & pleaded for a coworker to take this ONE call for him...thank God he agreed!

Wednesday 9/9
midnight-- fell into bed & passed out pretty quickly
1:00 am-- received call; was able to handle the situation over the phone, but it took a while; he was now wide awake & couldn't get back to sleep & read a book for an hour or so til he fell asleep again.
about 3:00 am -- finally back to sleep
9:00-5:30 -- regular office time

THANK THE LORD, someone volunteered to take tonight's call time for him so that he could come home & see his family and get a full night's sleep for once this week! He'll go back to being on call after work tomorrow evening, but we're crossing our fingers that his final night of call will be much less crazy than all the other nights! Oh Friday morning, he'll surely be happy to hand over the reigns to someone else.

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Living the G life! said...

Goodness! Poor Larry! Come on and hurry up Friday!!! :)