Sunday, September 13, 2009

Savannah's Neopets story

I know that 99% of you probably have no idea what Neopets are. Don't sweat it. I wouldn't know if I didn't have a daughter who is so into it.

If you go to you will find a website for kids where you create these little creatures (Neopets). They look like a cross between a cartoon alien & a cartoon animal. The site is kind of like Webkinz, if you know what that is, in that you create your little character & then get online to feed it & take care of it. Only Neopets is bigger than that. They have a little newspaper where users can write stories about their neopets. It's called the Neopian Times. Savannah is sooooo beyond thrilled because now that she's 13, she is able to send in stories to be posted on the site in the Neopian Times. She's been waiting for a couple of years to reach this age. She lovessss her Neopets time & since she is a heavy-duty reader & writer, it was only natural for her to write some Neopet stories for the website.

Anyway, I promised that I'd post the link to her story on my blog. It's lengthy, but she'd love for everyone to read it if you have time. She is a very good writer, very creative & well versed. So here ya go: (Her username is Babygirl229911. It says that instead of her name.) This is just part 1 of the story. It is "continued" each week, so when the next part to the story comes out, I'll post that link.

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Living the G life! said...

She is such a great writer!!!! Tell her "Bella's mom" really enjoyed her story! :)