Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sun Nov 7

Today I'm thankful for Godly friendships.

Today I talked to a friend whose marriage was in trouble, but God has broken through and changed everything & healing is on the horizon.

Today I talked to a friend who is watching her parent slip away. She's planning a funeral and mourning.

Today I talked to a friend whose family stayed home from church to spend some family time together. Her 2 year old led them in worship this morning.

Today I stood alongside about 100 other believers in a worship service that was led by the Spirit of God.

Today I taught 20 four year olds about how God meets all our needs (Phil. 4:19). And tonight I'm reminded that He really does.

Tonight I'm grateful for those transparent friends....for the openness & honesty I feel with them...for the way our walls can come down & we can be real with each other....for the way we can be open to express the needs & desires of our hearts....for the way our hearts are meshed together by a love of Christ.

Thank you Father, for amazing Godly friends. May you meet all their needs tonight.