Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tues Nov 9

Today I turned 35. The number really doesn't bother me. After all, I'm still younger than my husband & both of my sisters. ha ha! Seriously, the number isn't a big deal to me. It's just a number. I've always thought I was one of those people that older people look at & say "she's such an old soul." I've always hung out with older people. I've always befriended those who are a few years older. I can only think of a couple boys I dated that were younger than me...and those were some really immature relationships...even for junior high! Seriously though, 35 doesn't bother me. I just kind of feel like I'm catching up to the age that all my friends are. I love who I am and where I am in life.

I am sooooooooooooo richly blessed. I have an amazing husband & 3 wonderful kids. I'm close to my parents & my sisters and I get the joy of being part of a sweet 2nd family (my in-laws). I have a home that fits our family, a cozy bed to sleep in every night, enough food to fill our bellies (and then some!), books to read, a computer to blog on every night. Compared with the majority of the world, I am hugely, gloriously wealthy. I am extremely blessed. And if you're my friend on Facebook, you saw that today I was showered with over TWO HUNDRED birthday wishes. I was stunned when I woke up at 6:30 this morning & already had 20 sweet "happy birthday" wall posts. By tonight I was shaking my head & thinking "wow!" every time I logged onto FB again. (and really, when you keep getting fun wall posts like that, you log back on a hundred times to see how many more people love you....what an ego boost!)

But you know what? I wonder if I've left a Godly legacy on all of those 200+ people. I mean, I try to live in a way that would please God. I try to practice what I preach, walk the walk, talk the talk. I really feel like my faith is a very essential part of who I am and I think it spills over into every piece of my life. But does it point to Him enough? Do all of those 200 people know how much I love Jesus? Do they know that when I hear worship music, I instinctively throw my hands up & close my eyes & focus on Him? Do they know how much I love worship? Do they know I dance & jump and twirl and cry when I worship in private at home? Do they know that I read my Bible every morning? Do they see my tears fall when I watch a baptism service?

Or do they see me on the days when I was busy & didn't get to my Bible reading time? Do they see me when I'm driving down the road & hesitate to raise my hands in the car because I'm afraid of what the person in the car beside me will think? Do they see me on the way to church Sunday morning when my kids are fussing in the backseat & I'm rolling my eyes & yelling at them? Do they have a clue that I know Jesus? Do they see me laugh at off color jokes? Do they hear not-so-nice talk come from my lips? What do they see in me? Is it HIM? Or is it all ME?

I hear this song all the time (mostly because I own the CD) and I love it. Tonight, as I reflect on a super day of birthday blessings, I am choosing to reflect on the words to this song as well...and I'm wondering about my legacy. Have you thought about yours?

In case you can't see the video, the lyrics go like this:

(Legacy by Nichole Nordeman)

I don't mind if you've got something nice to say about me
And I enjoy an accolade like the rest
You could take my picture and hang it in a gallery
Of all the who's whos and so-n-sos that used to be the best
At such 'n' such ... it wouldn't matter much

I won't lie, it feels alright to see your name in lights
We all need an 'Atta boy' or 'Atta girl'
But in the end I'd like to hang my hat on more besides
The temporary trappings of this world

Chorus: I want to leave a legacy
How will they remember me?
Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough
To make a mark on things?
I want to leave an offering
A child of mercy and grace who
blessed your name unapologetically
And leave that kind of legacy

I don't have to look too far or too long awhile
To make a lengthly list of all that I enjoy
It's an accumulating trinket and a treasure pile
Where moth and rust, thieves and such will soon enough destroy


Not well traveled, not well read, not well-to-do or well bred
Just want to hear instead, "Well Done" good and faithful one...


Tonight I'm grateful for another birthday...which leads to another year to show Him off! Father, help me step out of the spotlight now & then & redirect the glow on Your Face!

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