Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Cookie Swap

I'm hosting a Christmas Cookie swap this year & it's time for you to sign up! Who doesn't love Christmas cookies?

Here's how it works:
*Follow the directions below about where to email me & what info I need from you.
*I will draw names & match up swap partners on December 1st.
*You bake or buy cookies to fit what your swap partner likes & mail the cookies by December 10th. Get the kids involved & have fun being creative! (You can pack them in ziploc bags or containers & bubble-wrap or use shipping peanuts.)
*If you choose to throw in some extra holiday cheer (a card, an ornament, whatever!) that's up to you, but totally optional.

It's a lot of fun! Spread the word --- post on your blog, post to Facebook, link back here on Twitter, email the info to your friends! The more people participating, the more fun this will be!

Send the following information to me at with the subject line "Christmas Cookie Swap".

Mailing address:
Email address:
Allergies or types of cookies you DON'T like:
Favorite kind of Christmas cookie (or just any kind of cookie):
Any info you would like your swap partner to know:

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