Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday Phone day late

Yesterday was crazy & I never had a chance to do my Friday Phone Dump post, so here goes! When you're done looking at my pictures, go over to your own blog & dump all your pictures from your phone for the past week & let us see them. Link back here & comment so I can go look at your pictures, too! Here's my week in pictures.

Sometimes we all need a reminder.

Last weekend, Sarah went to a sleepover at a friend's house. She came home mid-morning, ate lunch and then sat down to watch some TV. It dawned on me about 1/2 an hour later that she was watching some reality show about women in prison. So I went to check on her & found her like this in Larry's recliner. Even at nearly 11 years old, I love to watch her sleep. So sweet!

Samuel was on a campout with his Scout troop last weekend. When I went into his room & looked in his backpack for papers he needed to complete for school, I opened his binder & found these papers. They were all neatly written (his handwriting is usually very poor---thank you, Concerta!) and the words were so sweet. I had my phone in the room with me, so I pulled it out & snapped some pictures. You may want to click on each one & make it bigger so you can read it all.

"The lords Greatest creation is you all of us every last human on earth."

"The only opinon that matters is His. Lord God"

"The Lord will always love you for he made you. His opinyon is the only one that matters."

"For god is first And I am last I do all Things through him. King of Kinds, lord of lords, Chist, Jesus, Savor, King, Mesya, Creator, Unseen, lord all mighty"

"Jesus Is my super Hero"

There are times when Samuel makes me wonder if he's not going to be our boundary-pusher as a teenager, the one we will have to really watch & worry about him hanging out with a 'bad crowd'. And then there are days when I find things like this in his binder. He wrote this all by himself at school one day, with no provocation from Larry & I or his teachers at church. And when I see things like this, I think to myself, he's going to be alright. So proud of him!

Wipe your tears & get back to the rest of the pictures with me.

Getting ready for work (hair & make up) in the dark when the power goes out is so much fun. Putting on make up with a tiny hand mirror by the window is a real treat. HA! Of course, I tried to avoid mirrors once I arrived at work where the power was on. There's no telling how clown-y I looked that day! ha ha!

On the way home from Larry's family Thanksgiving get together this week, we stopped at the same gas station we always do. I have teased Larry about taking me to the "classy" gas station so I had to take a picture of this to show him. In the ladies' bathroom, this mirror is over the sink. Mind you, the sink is on the left side of this mirror, so there's no way you could see yourself in the mirror while standing at the sink, thanks to the 2 foot tall Coors can. And to add to the class, the same mirror is cracked all the way down the right end. I'm telling's a fine establishment. (giggle!) And I didn't even get a picture of the (ahem) bubble gum machine on the wall to the right of the mirror. Oh yes, there really the ladies' bathroom.

As soon as Thanksgiving was over, the tree went up! It's Christmas at my house now!

And for the weekly self-portrait, here ya go!

Have a great week!

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