Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday Phone Dump ('s Saturday)

Last night I was soooo sleepy I couldn't stay awake long enough to do my usual Friday Phone Dump post. So even though this is technically a Saturday phone dump, here we go!

If you choose to participate on your blog, link back here & let me know in the comments so I can take a peek at your pictures! Here is my week in pictures from my cell phone.

Several days ago on Facebook, a girlfriend posted that she was reading a book that sounded really good. I commented that I should add it to my reading list & asked about borrowing her copy. A couple of our friends commented about it as well & I was certain it would be a good one. Guess what? Wednesday was my birthday & that very same book showed up on my doorstep with an anonymous card. I know it must've been one of those sweet ladies I was discussing the book with, but I don't know which one. And I love that!!!! Sweet girlfriend surprises are the BEST! Thank you girls!!

And speaking of Wednesday being my birthday....I don't count calories on my birthday!

Larry brought me this AMAZING burger from Burger King for lunch. Maybe it's because I don't eat fast food burgers very often, but this thing was soooo good. It was one of their new Chef's Choice bacon cheeseburgers. I sat there eating it at work, wondering how long it would be before my boss asked me to leave the building because I think I Mmmmmmmm'd a few hundred times while I was eating it. Wow. I totally recommend you try one!

And I don't buy Ben & Jerry's very often (too expensive!!) but my birthday was a special occasion. This stuff was fabulous!

Wednesday night when I picked up Samuel from youth group, this is where I found him. I love that he looks forward to going every week. He enjoys hanging out & getting to know the older kids. And hey, what 11 yr old boy wouldn't love getting to play foosball at church? (I have no idea if I spelled foosball right.)

After a day of not counting calories I was back at the gym first thing Thursday morning. I tried this bike that day. It's a seated bike where you pedal out in front of you rather than a regular style stationary bike. I had to laugh at these handle bars, though. If you were to lean forward & hold onto them, you'd hit your wrists with your knees every time you pedal. I'm a short-legged girl (I'm only 5' 3.5") and look at how close my knees came to those handle bars. What on earth would a 6ft man do if he wanted to hold those handles?

On Thursday, Savannah was doing a little work at the church office for one of the pastors & was only going to be there for about an hour. We had to kill some time, because it didn't make sense to drive home & then turn around & come right back, so Samuel, Sarah & I went to get a snack at Smashburger. (Their fried pickles are the BEST anywhere!)

Of course, Sarah grabbed my phone & instructed me to lean in toward her. She then told me how to pose in each picture. First we have the happy picture. Just your usual smiles...

...then the silly face one....

...and then the mug shot. ha ha ha ha! (Don't we look menacing?)

And then we noticed how bright the sun was & shadow pictures followed. But this is the only one that turned out. Sarah wanted me to get a picture of her tongue's shadow. HA! Do you see it? She's sticking it out!

On Friday, I was able to go to Sarah's school after I got off work. They were having their annual American Diabetes Association walk. I walked with Sarah & her buddy Madison. Those are two very silly little girls. They kept me giggling the whole time.

See? I really was there. Of course, the sun was SO bright I couldn't really look at the camera.

I found it interesting that suddenly in the last few days, we have lots of these strange things on our ground. I hear people saying that they're leaves. Hmm....hard to believe that when it's still as warm as it is 5 out of every 7 days! I thought that leaves only fell from the trees during the season of Fall. Does this mean that Fall weather is coming soon? My fingers are crossed!

I love my new background on my computer!

Give me a cold Dr. Pepper, a package of sharpened pencils & one of these books and leave me alone a few hours. I love these things!

And it wouldn't be a Friday Phone Dump post without a few embarrassing self portraits.

First we have the kissy face....taken for a friend who was having a bad day. I sent her some hugs & kisses via text message. It worked. She got a smile out of it.

Then we have the driving myself to work self portrait. Don't worry. I wasn't moving when I took this. I was trying to get a picture of me in my glasses for a friend who wanted to see them. Yes, I wear glasses when I drive. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to see the stop sign I was stopped at when I took this picture. I'm terribly near-sighted.

And last but certainly not any less embarassing, we have the no make up, haven't had enough sleep in days, end of the day of sitting in my yard running a yard sale look. So delightful.

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Brazzle Dazzle Boutique said...

No matter the face silly, kissy, mug or embarrassing I am still happy to call you my friend, and I love reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your week!!!