Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Phone Dump

It's that time again! Get out your iPhone, your Android, your Blackberry, your.....whatever.....and dump out your pictures from the past week. It's Friday Phone Dump day! Post the pictures on your blog so we can follow you through your week (and don't forget your weekly self portrait). Link back here & comment so I can come see your pictures. Here are mine!
Last weekend, while doing childcare at a local church, we reached a point in the evening when all the toys were picked up & we just had a few minutes to kill until the parents began showing up to pick up the kids. I knew if I didn't come up with something quick, the kids would get rowdy and/or they'd start pulling all the toys out again. So I pulled a preschool teacher trick. Shaving cream on the tables! Six kids were immediately mesmerized...from 2 yr olds to 10 yr olds! Works like a charm every time. (Sarah was there, so I only took pictures of her.)

On Wednesday night during childcare at my church, we were drawing on a big piece of paper on the table & I made this. The kids thought it was cool, so I took a picture.

While we were outside that same night. The clouds were so pretty!

The last lonely chicken nugget. There are never enough of them. Yes, I know they're horrible for you. Yes, I know I've lost 16 lbs & still have a long way to go. But sometimes a girl's just gotta have some McNuggets with Ranch dipping sauce.

I saw this at Walmart on Thursday night. I've known it was coming, but this is the first big glaring sign I've seen so far. Kinda made me want to hurl a cheap $4 little girl's bubble bath & lip balm from the gift aisle at the ceiling. Can we just focus on being thankful for 5.2 minutes before we start putting giant pictures of Santa up EVERYWHERE?

You'll have to forgive my lack of a self portrait this week. I've been too busy pricing this stuff. And all the rest that is out on tables in my front yard as we speak. Covered in tarps. I'm praying that none of it is missing by morning. I'm also praying that if someone decides to take something before 6:30am (when I plan to be out there putting out all of THIS stuff!), they will get flat tires on the way out of the neighborhood and the AAA folks won't fix their flats until they return the stolen merchandise!

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Rachel said...

Hi Liz!
I hope your yard sale went well! I agree with you 100% on the over bearing retailers pushing Christmas in our faces before Thanksgiving! Annoying! I gave you a blog award today! Check it out!