Friday, July 14, 2006

Thurs July 13

What a full & busy week this has been!  So sorry that I've not really posted much this week.  I'll try to fill you in here on what's been going on.

Monday July 10-- countertop for the bathroom was delivered & installed.  It looks awesome!  Although we don't have a mirror yet & the bathroom isn't decorated, it's functional!!!  Daddy came over & put in the faucets to the bathroom sinks.  They look so pretty!  Larry did a good job of picking them out!!  They are really gorgeous faucets!  (Did I mention that I like the faucets he picked?)  tee hee...

Monday afternoon, Andrew & Savannah both began their week-long day camp at Discovery Science Place.  Savannah is going to a camp called "Cool Science" where they do all sorts of fun science experiments.  She is loving it!  Andrew is attending "Going Batty" which is a study of bats.  He hasn't enjoyed his as much as Savannah has loved hers.  I guess it's not as interesting & active as Savannah's class/camp.  They go from 1-4pm every day.  Tomorrow (Fri) is their last day.  In a couple of weeks, the younger girls will attend a day camp there titled "How does my garden grow?" & then the following week Samuel will go to a cooking themed camp.  They're all jealous that it's not their turn yet!

Late this afternoon we realized the AC was not keeping up.  It doesn't usually b/c the unit is too small for our house size, but it was *really* not keeping up this day. was warm that night.

Tuesday July 11-- I walked into the boys' room & went "squish".  Yuck.  I figured someone spilled a drink & got a towel to sop up what I could.  A while later I went back in & realized that I'd missed some of the spill, so I got a 2nd towel & cleaned it up again.  An hour or so later when I went back in it hit me that this was no spill.  The 'puddle' was growing!  Turns out, the AC unit (in the closet in the hallway right outside their door!) was leaking.  The drip pan was not draining right & the carpet was getting all wet.  Oh boy!

We called the AC guy to come fix this problem, but he couldn't get here til after 7:00pm.  He used compressed air to blow out the drain line & said that should fix it.  The house began to get cooler again & the drip stopped, so we assumed that was "it".

Wednesday July 12-- floor guy came over to assess the damage to the carpet.  Turns out that it's worse than we thought.  Carpet is getting replaced tomorrow morning (Friday).  By evening, the AC is again not cooling.  Left the thermostat set to 70 all day long & it never got below 85. fun!  Larry called the AC guy back late Wed night.  He agreed to come back Thurs morning & see if he could declare the unit dead ... or dead enough for the insurance to pay to replace it.  We moved the boys into the girls' room onto the bottom bunk mattress (on the floor).  They're loving that!

Thursday July 13-- AC guy returned & can't "condemn" the unit, but did find enough small issues to convince the insurance co to help us pay to get a new one.  They're paying 1/2, so in the morning, another tech is coming to install a new, larger unit!  HOORAY!

Spent the late hours of the day ripping out the carpet & pad, moving furniture & getting the room ready.  Carpet & new AC will all be installed tomorrow.  Oh wow!!  By bedtime tomorrow I should be thoroughly wiped out....but cooler!  :)

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hiskids37e said...

Oh goodness, I'm sorry for the A/C and carpet drama!  I'm happy to read ahead and see that you got it all worked out though!  :-)