Wednesday, July 8, 2009

SUMMER Day 39, Tues July 7


After my concern over the new carseat law that Texas is putting into place Sept 1st, I posted the info to Facebook so that my other Texan friends would know about it. I mean, it hasn't been real widely publicized, so I was afraid someone might miss it. One of my sweet girlfriends on there saw my post & pointed me to the Texas Department of Public Safety's site where it gave some clarification about the new law.

Apparently the wording of the new law is stated in such a way that a lot of people are misunderstanding it, so they posted this to their site:

New Booster Seat Law Clarified
There has been some confusion about a new state law that requires all children younger than eight (8) years old, UNLESS taller than 4’9” to be in child passenger safety seat system. (“Child passenger safety seat system” includes traditional car seats with harnesses AND booster seats – both high-back and backless versions.)
The law also requires all safety seats and booster seats to be installed according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the safety seat system.

Because of the changes of the wording in the law (SB61), the following legal interpretation should be applied:
• Once a child reaches eight (8) years old, they are not legally required to be in a child safety seat system.
• If the child is younger than eight years old, BUT they are already 4’9” tall, they are not legally required to be in a child safety seat system.
• If a child is eight years old or older, and not yet 4’9” tall, they are not legally required to be in a child safety seat system.

Can I just shout & squeal for joy right now?
I was really stressing over the feelings & ego-slam my sweet boy would've experienced in relation to what I thought this law was saying. I hate to see my children's heart broken over anything....and I know that car seat laws are meant to help keep kids safe... but this one would've dealt a really deep blow to my already complex-ridden child. Thank goodness I misunderstood it!!

Tonight was Samuel & Sarah's first swim class for the summer. We were so excited to get there & see that they have the same teacher as they did last summer. We love Mr. Eric! He is such a sweet guy and works SO well with my kids!! They did great & had a fun time.

Tomorrow night I get to do something I've always wanted to do. I'm going to my very first rodeo!!! The kids are soooooo excited, too!

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