Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SUMMER DAY 46 Tues July 14

First & foremost, today is my niece Robyn's birthday. It's hard to believe that six years has passed already. You see, my sister and her husband had fertility troubles and Robyn was such a sweet blessing. I remember the day that Cindy called to tell me she was pregnant. I remember sitting on the floor in the kitchen holding the phone & being so excited that I cried a few happy tears while I listened to her giggle & talk. Then the day came that she'd have an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. I remember being tickled to death when we learned she was having a GIRL!!!!!! I think Cindy stopped on the way home & bought about 5 little girl outfits for her first daughter. :) And then came the day that she called & said "My water broke! I'm in labor!". I stayed home all day long waiting for "the phone call" telling me that Robyn was here. I didn't want to cook anything for supper that would be super-involved or time consuming because I kept thinking that "any minute now" we'd get a phone call that she was here & we'd leave to go meet her. Finally late in the day, I gave up on waiting & VERY QUICKLY ran the 1 errand that had to be done before the place closed. And wouldn't ya know it? While I was gone, we got the phone call!!! All of the family congregated around the bed at the birth center to meet little Miss Robyn. What a sweet little treasure she's been to our family! And so today, I want to wish Robyn a very happy 6th birthday! I love ya, sweetie!!

As for my day, it's been an interesting one.

About a year ago, Savannah had a migraine headache. It was painful enough that she ended up vomitting from it. It came on fast & hit her like a ton of bricks, but once she reached the point of throwing up, it passed pretty quickly. That was the only one she'd ever had. We had no idea what brought it on or why she had it so we just moved on and forgot it.

Unfortunately, today it hit again. She's had a stuffy nose for a few days. This morning when we got to work, she mentioned some sinus drainage (I thought) symptoms. I got her some Advil to take at one point because she mentioned that her head hurt. At some point, she told me that her vision was blurry & she was seeing lights. I had her go lay down in a spare classroom at the school but it wasn't long til she came back to tell me she felt nauseated. I called for help & went to the bathroom with her....and sure enough...she threw up. Poor kid. That's when it hit me that she was having another migraine. All the symptoms she'd mentioned before were classic migraine symptoms but I missed it! We quickly moved my class to other teachers' rooms & packed up and left. On the drive home, she threw up several more times (thank goodness for car trash bags!). She came home and went straight to bed with the blinds closed & a sleep mask on to block out as much light as possible. Poor baby girl...I felt so bad for her! Thankfully she was able to go to sleep & after a couple hours she had "slept it off" and felt better. I hated to see her hurting so bad. I'm glad it's over & done with now!

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