Friday, July 10, 2009

SUMMER DAY 42, Fri July 10

First things first! Happy Anniversary Greg & Kathy! You guys are some of my very favorite people! You have a beautiful family. So here's to your 10th anniversary! May God bless you with many more years together!

Today, Savannah went on her first 'trip' with the youth group at our new (?) church. They simply called it a "Dallas Day Trip". They've done mission trips & they're going to camp in Colorado soon, but she's not really ready for lengthy, distant trips w/ the group yet so we felt like this was a good 'starter' trip for her. They started out this morning by going to a place in Plano, TX to play whirleyball. It's kind of a combination of bumper cars & lacross & hockey or soccer all at once. Our youth pastor posted this picture on his Facebook page, so I'm stealing it to show you. (She's just to the left of the center of the pic in a pink shirt.)

When they left there, they went to a mall & hung out for a couple hours. I know that Savannah was thrilled with that (ha ha....she is sooo not into shopping). After the mall, they headed to a baseball game that began at 7:00pm. They'll leave the game about 10 & will make it home somewhere between 12:30 & 1:00am. She'll be EXHAUSTED tomorrow after not having much of any 'down time' today, but I hope she's having a BLAST.

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