Friday, July 31, 2009

SUMMER DAY 62, Friday July 31

Another month of summer has flown by! Hard to believe it's almost August! August is a month of milestones for us. Savannah is, gasp, becoming a teenager. Larry & I celebrate our 15th year of marriage. The kids go back to school & I go back to working 5 days a week. Ah yes....lots of things happen this month.

Are you ready for August?


SandyL said...

Nope..the summer has gone too fast! Britt doesn't go back to school until September...I want the month to take forever

Terry said...

Well, I got my teenager today! School starts back not only for the kids, but at my day care as well. I have a lot of important decisions to make as far as that is concerned. Ah, well.

Happy birthday Savannah!
Happy anniversary, Liz and Larry!

lily said...

Hello, just dropping by to say hi =)

school is going to start soon, but nope im not ready for august

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