Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Savannah!

On this day in 1996, at 6:43pm, a sweet little 7lb 6oz baby girl was born. After nearly 12 hours of labor, I was so exhausted, but elated at the sight of my sweet little daughter. I can hardly believe that it's been thirteen years. It's hard to digest that we're embarking on a whole new phase of life...the teenage years. Before we know it, she'll be graduating from high school, moving off to college, getting married & having babies of her own.

I wrote this for Savannah & wanted to share it here. I love you baby girl. Happy Birthday!!

13 Things I Love About You....

1. Your independance & self confidence. At your age, I had so little confidence in myself. I wanted to fit in so badly that I was willing to make bad choices & hang out with not-so-nice people to make others like me. I love that you are YOU no matter who's around.

2. Your compassionate spirit. No matter whether you know the person or not, when you hear of someone going through a hard time, you cry & hurt for them. You look for ways to help them and best of all: you pray for them!

3. Your moral compass. Even without me standing over you to watch your every move, you choose the good path almost every time! I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit is at work in you every day, that you desire to make Godly decisions.

4. Your dedication to things. Most kids your age change their minds on a daily basis on everything from their hair & clothes to boyfriends & friends. Not many 13 year olds can say that they've had the same best friend(s) for 7 years!

5. Your love of reading. Don't ever lose that! It's SO good for you!

6. Your responsibility in school. I never have to ask you to do your homework or remind you to study. You just do it!

7. Your affectionate nature. Being a touchy-feely, lovey-dovey person myself, I love this! I'm always up for a hug or kiss. A snuggly little body in my bed, even a 13 year old one, at 2am is still one of my favorite things about being a mom.

8. Your love of family. I adore the fact that Mammaw & Pappaw Jim, Mammy, Grandma & Grandpa and your aunts & uncles are high on your list of people you love most in the world.

9. Our mutual love of cheesecake. It's always good to have someone to share dessert with. You know, gotta cut calories where ya can!

10. Your willingness to help me at school in the summer. (and you do it so well!) I don't know how I'd make it through this crazy summer without you!

11. Your beautiful blue eyes & fantastic smile. I love seeing them light up when you're happy.

12. Your funny run. No matter how much your dad & I joke with you about it, it's ALL YOU and it makes me smile.

13. Your enthusiasm for life. There's no withdrawn teenager stuff from my girl! I love that you're happy & cheerful 90% of the time.

I love you, my sweet teenager!
Love, Mom


SandyL said...

Awww Happy Birthday Savannah... This is just going to be some fun years that you will truly love..proms, driving a is so much fun to see your little one start to turn into an adult :)

Of course there might be ups and downs..but its all good

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

What a sweet post and great words for Savannah to read about herself. I especially love the cheesecake entry. LOL!