Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Day 72, Monday Aug 10

Today I'm following Mark & Todd's example & listing "Things I Liked About Today". But first let me tell ya, wow. What a day. Here's a quick run down in the form of "Things I Liked About Today".

1. I LIKE that my mom was able to come keep the kids while I went to my annual check up with the ob/gyn. They always love seeing Grandma. I LIKE that I don't have to go back for a year. :)

2. I LIKE that I was able to get Savannah in with the pediatrician today for her migraines. I LIKE that he's going conservative on treatment & gave us some clear cut things to do unless the migraines persist. I LIKE that he's aware of the problem now and willing to jump in & do something more if need be.

3. I LIKE that we had Dairy Queen for lunch. I love a good crispy chicken salad from DQ. yum yum!

4. I LIKE that I had an hour to sit & talk to my daughter today while her younger bro & sis were in swim class. I LIKE that tomorrow is our final class for the summer.

5. I LIKE that we got all three kids & I a new pair of tennis shoes today. We all needed them for back-to-school. I LIKE that my hubby hasn't looked at the receipt yet to realize how much it cost. LOL!

6. I LIKE that I watched High School Musical 3 with the kids tonight. And I enjoyed it. That's always good. The kids always pick up on the fact that I'm bored w/ their movies if I doze off & snore through most of the plot line.

7. I LIKE that tomorrow I start the Sensory Fun unit with my class. I think they're really going to enjoy it. Either that or they'll be totally overwhelmed....could go either way, but I'd LIKE to see them enjoy it.

8. I LIKE that my sweetie got home safe & sound and we were able to hang out for a while. I LIKE that we're both headed to bed now. I'm sleepy!

9. I LIKE that you made it this far & didn't just X out of this screen.

10. I'd LIKE it if you left me a comment. :)


SandyL said...

I had to giggle at the shoes... I always try to get me a new pair this time of the year when Brittany does because a lot of times you can get one pair and get one half off...

Anonymous said...

That is great Liz. I loved #9, even laughed out loud. This blog idea is really making a difference in me. Causes you to be thankful even in the little things. Keep the list coming.

Todd Wright said...

Love it!