Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Day of Summer: Day 85, Sun Aug 23

What a busy last week of summer it has been. I recently posted this picture on Facebook of my August calendar. Since the time I took this pic (early August), I added several things to it. (I covered private details when I posted it to Facebook on the off chance that some weirdo saw it.)

On Friday, Larry & I left on a little trip to Dallas for our 15th anniversary. It was such a nice get-away. We got pedicures, went to the movies, wandered around a mall for a few hours, had a couple of nice meals, went to the JFK museum and just generally hung out for 24 hours. We're thankful for grandma who is willing to help with the kids to make things like that happen!

Tomorrow, the kids start school. Samuel is starting 4th grade & has 4 teachers. Each one teaches a particular subject area & has the kids for (I think it is?) 1 hour 15 minutes. Throughout the week, they also attend computer lab, music class, PE, library, etc. Sarah will be in 3rd grade & has 2 teachers and also attends all of those same extra classes that Samuel does. Savannah is beginning her final year of junior high. She is in regular classes, but has also signed up to be an aide. We're anxious to find out (tomorrow) if she got any of the aide spots she signed up for.

The lunches are packed & in the fridge, clothes are layed out & the alarm is set. (ugh...for 6:00!) I guess it's official. Summer 2009 is over.

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The Lowry Place said...

Your one busy momma. Glad your anniversary was good, Lots to do in the area if your not living directly in town. If you live here you it's not as fun because you've done all that stuff before many times.