Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Day 77, Sat Aug 15

Before I post anything else, I want to take a minute to say this:
A year ago tonight I was in Moberly, MO getting to meet one of my best girlfriends in person for the first time. After a decade of best-friendhood (is that even a word?), we were finally able to lay eyes on each other. I know it sounds insane that I hadn't met my best friend in person...and that we'd been best buds for so long without actually meeting. But in this age of technology, it just worked out that way. I am so blessed & honored to have Bethany in my life. Of course, we both wish that we lived closer together! In honor of that first meeting, I wanted to share this picture from our trip. I miss you, honey!! Can't wait to see you again!

And now, on with the rest of my post.

Things I liked about today:
1. I LIKED being able to sleep til 8:15, even if I really really wanted to sleep much later.
2. I LIKED the stack of hand me downs we got for Samuel from his friend who spent the night. When we took him home, his mom had a pile of things he'd outgrown & she offered them to us. Yahoo!
3. I LIKE the way all three of my kids oohhh'd & ahhh'd over our friends' dog. We picked her up from the vet's office (where she was being boarded while they're on a trip) & delivered her home for them. They were coming in after the vet's office had closed. The kids loved getting to play with little Milly. She's a teeny little Shih-tzu puppy, basically just a cotton ball with legs. And a tongue.
4. I LIKE that we were able to make a quick trip to visit my in-laws. My mother in law broke her collarbone last Sunday morning (she has osteoporosis) and we haven't been able to go check on her since that day. It was nice to see that she's doing OK. We were able to visit my father in law & grandmother-in-law while we were there, too.
5. I LIKE that a lightbulb went off over my head a couple days ago. You see, my kids have reached that point in the summer where they're arguing 90% of the day. Sure, they argued & faught a lot before summer began, but it's really gotten bad with all the bad attitudes & cattiness these last several weeks. The Holy Spirit reminded me a few days ago that I had not been praying for their interaction. Sure I pray for each one of them regularly, but I wasn't praying for God to help them enjoy their time together, to help them find common ground, to help them seek each other's good above their own, etc, etc, etc. I finally began praying those things & today, I had so many moments in the car where I began to shush them (they were so loud!) but I stopped myself. Because they were playing & laughing & having FUN together. They weren't arguing or being mean. I LOVE that!
6. I LIKED the long car ride with my sweetie by my side today. Those long drives are some of my favorite times with Larry. We tend to do more talking & laughing on those drives than usual and I LOVE LOVE LOVE having that time together! (uh love language is quality time!)

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