Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

At 12:38am, Savannah showed up at my bedside telling me how she couldn't sleep. I knew she had been asleep at 10:40ish because I went to check on her. Somewhere in between 10:40 & 12:38, she woke up & couldn't get back to sleep and was now frantic that she didn't have long til the alarm went off (at 6:05am). I cuddled with her a little while before she headed back to her bedroom. About an hour later she returned, telling me how she STILL couldn't sleep. Again, she crawled into bed & snuggled up to me for a while before heading back to her own pillow. I guess she finally got back to sleep for the night. About 3:20 when I woke up needing to go potty, I went to check on her & she was sound asleep. I think her nerves got the best of her last night.

At 6:05, my alarm went off. I hit the snooze button. At 6:08 it went off again & I figured I better get up! I ran to the bathroom & checked my email real quick--my usual wake up routine. By 6:10, I was heading to the kids' rooms to wake them up. When I opened the girls' room, they were both fully dressed, talking to each other, brushing their hair. Ha much for the sleep interruptions causing Savannah any trouble this morning! Everyone got ready very quickly this morning!

At 7:15, I left to take Samuel & Sarah to school. Since I had to park & go in with them after fighting the insane first-week-of-school-traffic, I figured I better get an early start! Larry took Savannah to school a little while later. When I arrived at Samuel & Sarah's school everything was fine. We walked Samuel to class first and he barely looked over his shoulder to say goodbye. I figured that's about how he'd be. He's always loved going to school! This is him with his new teacher.

As we approached the 3rd & 4th grade hall, Sarah got nervous & grabbed my hand. She NEVER holds my hand, but she was holding on pretty tight today. Her teacher from last year saw us coming & saw that Sarah was beginning to look teary-eyed. Thank goodness for sweet teachers who love my babies! Mrs. M stepped out into the hallway & bear-hugged Sarah, assuring her that she would be OK, that she would come check on her in a little while, that she was going to have a great day! We walked the rest of the way down the hall with Sarah pulling back on me as if to say "wait....I'm not ready yet!". By the time we got to her classroom door, she was crying. Poor baby! It took her a few minutes to regain her composure & pull it together enough to go in. Once she was inside, we got her backpack put up, papers put away & everything settled and she was fine. I knew she'd be OK once she got settled in. As I left her hallway, her old teacher stopped me & asked if she was alright and assured me that she really would go check on her after a while & make sure she was OK. God bless those angels at the elementary school! Here she is with her new teacher.

When I picked everyone up this afternoon, as usual the first couple weeks of school traffic was HORRIBLE, but it seemed a little less extreme than last year's traffic! Maybe the past 3 years worth of construction to widen the road really did help?! All three kids had a great first day of school!!!


Vicki said...

Glad it went well! Zoe had Dove/Culpepper & we loved them!

Amanda said...

My friend was telling me about taking her 3 little ones to school yesterday (10,7,5). Shge said her oldest told her he didn't need her and the other two were sad and clingy and crying. I asked her which was harder....she said they were the same. I'm sure I'll be more of a basket case than Brooklyn when our time comes :)

And yeah, I do think the construction really helped! Yesterday's traffic was surprisingly smooth. This morning was much worse. I don't know why.