Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Day 70, Sat Aug 8th

Whoa...I haven't posted a regular blog post in over a week. Whoops! Yeah, I know the 5 of you who read this blog regularly were probably real worried about me. ha ha

Tonight's post is going to be something like "Random Thoughts with Liz". Commence rambling....

Tonight I did something I haven't done in years. I ate steak. I don't have any particular moral or ethical reasons why I don't eat it regularly, I just don't. It's more about the expense & health value of it. We eat chicken, turkey, pork, deer & fish at my house. The few times I've had a burger for the past 5-6 years, it usually upsets my stomach. I do have some red meat. We have a freezer FULL of ground deer & pork (I love that my sweetie is a hunter!). Honest to goodness, he got 1 deer last year and a friend gave us FOUR. Between those & a hog that my dad butchered, I haven't bought ground meat of any kind in nearly a year and there is still TONS in the freezer. We're already looking forward to deer season this Fall. Anyway, I had a steak. My first steak in probably a decade, or close to it anyway.

Honestly, I could totally go vegetarian & enjoy that but I live with a family of carnivores so it'll never happen. (but don't ever worry about me going straight vegan...I've gotta have SOME animal products--milk, chicken, seafood...)

On a totally different topic, let me cheer & say "We have insurance!!!". When Larry switched jobs in early April, we had coverage through the church (his previous employer) for 1 month and then we would be un-covered til Aug. 1st. Hallelujah...August is here!! And just in time, too. I have my annual check up on Monday with my fabulous ob/gyn. Obviously I'm not THRILLED about the check up (read: exam!), but I do like my doctor. She's been my doc since I was 18, minus a brief year when we had different insurance that she wasn't on. (I gave birth to Samuel during that year. I really wish she had been my doc!) Ironically, I have a regular doctor listed as my primary care doc, but I haven't layed eyes on that doctor in probably 5 years. I am blessed with a strong immune system & never have to see her. I see my ob/gyn more often than I see her, so she does all my blood work & stuff that a regular doc would do. Anyway, I'm just thrilled that we have insurance again! We've been able to miraculously make it three full months without any illnesses, injuries or infections. Hooray! I'm so glad that I can let the kids out of their bubble & quit giving them Lysol baths now. :)

Last night, my niece spent the night for Savannah's birthday. On Tuesday night, another girlfriend of hers is spending the night. Friday night, Samuel's best buddy is spending the night. Next Tuesday, Sarah's best friend is spending the night. Oh yeah, I've got some bargaining chips under my belt for the next couple weeks. Yahoo!

Since we went to mom & dad's house tonight, I didn't have to cook supper. Tomorrow night is our LIFE group meeting & we eat there. We eat there. That means 2 nights in a row that I don't have to cook supper. Oh and wait.....Friday night we had pizza delivered. Can I hear a WOOHOO? I'm getting away with *not* cooking for 3 nights. That's gotta be some kind of record.

I guess that's all. Time to go study my Sunday School lesson for the toddler class I'm teaching in the morning. Have a good night's rest & a blessed Sunday!

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