Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Day 74, Wed Aug 12

Just a reminder:
Our church has embarked on a "Things I Liked About Today..." movement. I just joined in on Tuesday, but the challenge is for us to continue it through the end of this week. I'm kinda 1/2 way betting that they'll be mentioning something about this in church on Sunday, but I'll have to miss it because I'm going to be doing something extraordinarily special at another local church. (more about that on Saturday....) Anyway, here's my list for today.

Things I Liked About Today.......
1. I LIKED finding out that Savannah's friend was not bored to tears during her time here last night. It's good to know that we're not as boring as I thought we might be!

2. I LIKED hearing from my doctor's office this morning. The nurse called with the results of my bloodwork. I like being able to keep up with the actual numbers from one year to the next. My blood sugar, total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL/LDL were all good. Yahoo!

3. I LIKED that Savannah's appointment with her doc today went well. I LIKE that my sister was willing to babysit the other 2 kids while we went. I LIKE that they had fun while we were gone.

4. I LIKED taking just Samuel on an errand this afternoon. I love getting 1 on 1 time w/ the kids, even if it is just for a few minutes to make a flying trip to the post office & back.

5. I LIKED that Larry made it home early-ish tonight. I LIKE that he's going to sleep a little late in the morning & get a little extra rest before he goes in to work. He needs it.

6. I LOVE reading all the posts that people are putting on Facebook & blogs for this challenge! How fun to see it spreading far & wide!

7. I LIKE that Cay Bolin called me this evening to offer me a "job" on Sunday mornings. And ya know what's even more fun? I LIKE that God has not let me quit thinking about it since we hung up.....and the way He's leading me to tell her YES is even more exciting. (Hmm...I wonder if Cay's going to read this? I suspect with all the Bethelites reading this...she WILL see it, even if I don't point it out to her, someone will. And she'll crack up when she sees that I am actually leaning toward doing it EVERY Sunday!) I LIKE seeing how He works out these kind of details because I wouldn't have considered calling her to sign up on my own.

8. I LIKED hearing from my sweet girlfriend, Cindy, tonight. I'm thrilled that she's found a new job! What an answer to prayer.

9. I LIKE praying for friends....and I'm watching the clock right now. Just about time for my 9:30 prayer appointment for John's mom.

10. I LIKED the rye crisps & Gatorade I had this evening. yum!


Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Love the list. I will be interested in hearing more about the Sunday gig.

cay said...

It wasn't long before Paula called and read me your list. So glad I made it. I am thrilled that you are considering the position. You made my day!

Liz said...

LOL! That's so funny. For the record guys....I posted this about 8:30. By 10:15, Cay had the news. :)